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(Gelato and sorbet in Hua hin ), Cookies, Dessert, and Tools

Gelato Hua hin

Icecream Flavor

Bello Dolce offer the wide variety of Gelato and Sorbet in Hua hin with Italian touch. From classic Icecream Flavor, such as Vanilla, Chocolate, Italian Authuetic flavor, such as Hazelnut, Pistachio. local Fruit Sorbet, such as Passion fruit, Mango and Banana and special flavor.

Homemade cookies: Chocolate chip cookies

Homemade Cookies

Our Homemade Cookies with Italian recipe produce fresh daily . Our product offer from Chocolate chip Cookies, Nonna Butter Cookies, Tarallucci with Pistachio and many more..

Italian Dessert

Nonna recipe of All the time favorite Traditional Italian Dessert, such as Tiramisu, Chocolate Souffle, Brownie. We offer ready to eat product for your party, special occasion and restaurant.

Icecream Decoration

What can match better with Icecream than crispy Waffle cone and cup. Let’s complete your Icecream set with our Icecream decoration and surprise your guest.

lollipop sweet bello dolce

Snack, Candy and Other Sweet

Sweet sweet sweet… we love to have the more sweet thing.

Tools and Equipment

Looking for professional tools and equipment for serving and storing your icecream, dessert and other product.

Bello Dolce is pleased to offer our Gelato and Sorbet in Hua Hin area. Not only for retails or household product, but also for hotels, restaurant and bar in Hua Hin area. Moreover, we offer the Homemade Cookies, Italian Dessert ( Ready to eat ), and Tool and Equipment for ice cream