Bello Dolce Icecream Takeaway shop

Tandiao, Hua Hin

Bello Dolce at Tandiao, known as Bello Dolce HQ is small café with take away Icecream and dessert. We offer the Icecream in cup and cone as well as ½ kg and 1 kg for your home or party. The flavors of ice cream is more varieties because this shop is serving as production place of the company as well. We made fresh Icecream and sorbet almost every day.

The location is on the road to Bypass and Pa La U and only 500 meters from Big C supermarket and opposite the Getlink hotel or Tandiao Pet hospital.

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday, 10.00 – 18.00 hrs.

Parking space: Parking space is available in front of the shop.