Bello Dolce @ Market Village

2 Floor

Our new Ice cream at Market Village Hua Hin is located on 2 Floor, near the Bubble shop. Our new shop offers a minimum of 14 flavors of tasty ice cream and sorbet with toppings, the super new Stevia ice-cream and a lot of different kind of cookies and cakes.

You will see our Bello Dolce signage and our sweet style, with gigant sugar sticks and our big sun pannel. Our staff will be there to welcome and ready to serve fresh and tasty ice cream for you.

Please remember that you can order our products even on Food Panda!


Opening hours: 10.30  – 21.00 hrs

Parking Space: Free parking  in Market Village Department Store

Market Village Information

Website : Market Village 

Facebook: Market Village 

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