Our sweet Ice-Cream

Italian ice cream is known worldwide for its unique and delicious flavor, which has earned it a special place in the hearts of many. Made with fresh milk, creamy ingredients and pasteurized, Italian ice cream is a must-try for all ice cream connoisseurs. It is a classic treat that is enjoyed by people of all ages, from children to adults.

The key ingredients used to make Italian ice cream are fresh milk, sugar, and pasteurized cream. The milk used is usually whole milk and cames from the Prachuap Khirikan Farm (near Hua Hin). The sugar may be in the form of sugar syrup or sugar cane. The cream is pasteurized before it is used to make the ice cream, which ensures that all the bacteria and other harmful organisms are eliminated. This also makes the ice cream creamier and smoother.

The process of making Italian ice cream is a long one. First, the milk, sugar and cream are mixed together and heated over low heat until the mixture becomes thick and creamy. After this, the mixture is cooled and then churned in an ice cream maker. Once the ice cream has been churned, it is placed in the freezer until it hardens. The ice cream can then be served and enjoyed.

The Cream Line

The classic Italian gelato, fresh local milk and the best ingredients from all the world.

Stracciatella – choco chip
Amarena – cherry (variegato)
Vanigla dei caraibi – vanilla carribe
Vaniglia del Madagascar – Vanilla madagascar
Vaniglia Fabbri – Vanilla Fabbri
Cioccolato gusto intenso – Chocolate intense
Cioccolato superiore – Chocolate superior
Cioccolato nero – Dark Chocolate
Cioccolato alla nocciola – Chocolate and hazelnut
Cioccolato bianco – White chocolate
Nocciola – Hazelnut
Pistacchio – pistacchio
Espresso / cappuccino
Puffo / Rosa – Smurf / Pink
Menta – Mint
Menta e cioccolato – Mint and chocolate
Yogurt (del Casaro)
Biscottino – Cookies
Caramello salato – Salty caramel
Rum raisin (no alcohol)

* May contain traces of peanuts, milk, soy ,
eggs, and cereals containg gluten.

The Fruit Line

With pastorized Cow Milk.

Fragola – strawberry (on request)
Frutti di bosco – Wild berries
Cocco – Coconut (thai)
Mela verde – green apple
Durian – durian (thai)

The Sorbet Line

All sorbets are just fruit, sugar and a drizzle of carob powder.

Fragola 100% – strawberry 100% (thai)
Limone – lemon
Ananas – Pineapple (di Hua Hin)
Frutto della passione – Passion fruit (thai)
Mango – mango (thai)
Banana – banana (thai)
Lampone 100% – Raspberry 100%
Frutti di bosco 100% – Wild berries 100%

The Cocktail Line

This line contain alcohol, please respect the thai law before consume it or sell it

Irish coffee
Strawberry Tequila
Moscato / Lambrusco (wine)

The Green Line

Green Line is Vegan, gluten free, sugar free, no milk and no cream, is made with plant milks and stevia. No animal products. Pistachio for example is made with pistachio milk.

Soia – Soy
Creme – Creams (all the Cream flavors)
Frutte – Fruits

The Others

Monoportions (20 scoops of assorted ice cream take away at 990 baht, can choose from available flavors, promotion valid only for Classic, Fruit and Sorbet Lines)

Take away (with ½ kg or kg)

All ice cream scoops are 75g