Tandiao, Hua Hin

Gelateria Bello Dolce

Bello Dolce icecream at Tandiao, known as Bello Dolce Gelateria is café/ice-cream shop with take away Icecream and dessert. We offer the Icecream in cup and cone as well as ½ kg and 1 kg for your home or party. The flavors of ice cream is more varieties because this shop is serving as production place of the company as well. We made fresh Icecream and sorbet every day.

The location is on the road to Bypass and Pa La U in soi 70 and just in front of Big C supermarket.

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday  10.00 – 20.00 hrs.
Parking space: Parking space is available in front of the shop or in Big C

Tamarind Market, Hua Hin

Our Tuk Tuk Ice cream

Our Tuk Tuk Icecream will be on Tamarind Market every Thursday – Sunday. The location of Tuk Tuk will be parked under the signature of the market itself, which is Tamarind tree. Our Tuk Tuk offer at least 7 flavors of Icecream and Sorbet in individual cup and cone as well as our all time favorite “Burger Icecream”. Our burger Icecream is 2 pieces of homemade chocolate chip cookies with the flavor of Icecream of your choice.

Tamarind Chic and Chill Market is outdoor Food and souvenir market, which offer good quality of food and goods in reasonable price. It is located on Khao Takiap area, next to Cicada weekend market. Live music and drink also provides. You can choose the big variety of food and enjoy it with your friend and family.

Opening hours: from Wednesday to Sunday, 17.00 – 23.00 hrs.
Parking space: Parking space is available

Tamarind Market Information
Facebook: Tamarind Market Chic and Chill
Tripadvisor: Tamarind Market Chic and Chill

Vana Nava Water Park, Hua Hin

Bello Dolce Icecream Shop

Bello Dolce is located in Vana Nava, the Waterpark Hua Hin. Just pass through the main entrance door of Vana Nava, you will find our Bello Dolce icecream’s parlor , just opposite Rainfortress TM By Muang Thai Life Insurance. In here, we serve icecream scoop of our homemade gelato and sorbet in cup and come with yummy topping such as chocolate , rainbow sprinkle , marshmallow and others more.

The most popular menu is Burger icecream, which use our homemade fresh chocolate chip cookies with ice cream flavor of your choice.

Don’t forget to top up your money in Vana nava wistband before coming inside and our delicious icecream is waiting for serving you inside.

Opening hours: 10.00 – 18.00 hrs.
Parking Space: The parking space is available in Vana Nava area.

**Top up the wistband before get in Vana Nava, the Water jungle Hua Hin

Bluport department store

G Floor , in front of MK Restaurant

If you arrive in Bluport Hua Hin, G floor on the way to Supermarket, you will find us the Tuk Tuk Icecream in front of Mk restaurant. Bluport branch is small Icecream parlor with all-time favorite flavor of Icecream provide, such as Straciatella, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Passion fruit sorbet and kid favorite as Smurf. We serve in individual cup and cone with many toppings, such as M&M, oreo, Queen jelly, marshmellow, and jelly bear.

We serve our Icecream from our Tuk Tuk icecream, which combine the Thai signature of Transportation, Tuk tuk, and Italian favorite dessert, Gelato.

Location: G floor, in front of MK restaurant, Bluport

Opening hours: Every day 10.00 – 21.00 hrs. ( Untill 22.00 hrs only for weekend )
Parking space: The parking space is for free in Bluport department store.
Bluport Information
Website: Bluport / Facebook:  Bluport

Night Market Hua Hin

Ice cream Booth in Night Market Hua Hin

Night Market Hua Hin is another must-see place in Hua Hin. Our ice cream booth is located at the beginning of the Market, just in front of the taxi and tuk tuk services.

Hua Hin Market, it is big variety of shopping for fashion, household , souvenir and many kind of food and snack. If you feel tired, there is outdoor massage shop for you to relax. Or need some special massage and extraordinary feelings, the small fish is waiting for fish spa.

Our 7 different kinds of flavor with our sweet and dessert are ready to serve you there in small cup or waffle cone with plenty of topping to eat with. Enjoy walking around night market with Bello Dolce ice cream.

Location: Hua Hin Night Market

Opening hours: Every day 16.00 23.00 hrs.
Parking space: You can park the car near  Hua Hin temple

Bello Dolce @ Food Panda

Order Food online application in Hua Hin

You can now order our amazing Italian Ice Cream directly to your door through FOODPANDA online platform!


  1. Visit Food Panda Website
  2. Choose the dessert and check out
  3. Sign in with your details and Choose the payment method
  4. Wait at home and enjoy our ice cream