Find our shop location in Hua Hin

Our shop is everywhere in Hua Hin attraction, such as Hua Hin city centre, Vana Nava Waterpark, Bluport , Tamarind market, Market Village, Bus Station go to Suvrannabhumi and in many events and festivals.

Pasticceria Bello Dolce

Pasticceria Bello Dolce is on Soi 70 just in front of Big C.

Bayana Mall

Bello Dolce Ice cream is located in Bayana Mall, on the way for Hua Hin beach, just next to Mc Donlad

Tamarind Market

Our Tuk Tuk Icecream will be on Tamarind Chic and Chill Market every Thursday – Sunday. The location of Tuk Tuk will be parked under the signature of the market itself, which is Tamarind tree. Our Tuk Tuk offer at least 7 flavors of Icecream and

Vana Nava Water Park

Bello Dolce is located in Vana Nava, the Water Jungle of Hua Hin. Just pass through the main entrance door of Vana Nava, you will find our Bello Dolce icecream’s parlor , just opposite Rainfortress TM By Muang Thai Life Insurance. In here, we

Bluport Department store

If you arrive in Bluport, G floor on the way to Supermarket, you will find us the Tuk Tuk Icecream in front of Mk restaurant. Bluport branch is small Icecream parlor with all-time favorite flavor of Icecream provide, such as Straciatella, Chocolate,

Bello Dolce Airport Bus Station

Bello Dolce ice cream Pop up store in Hua hin’s airport bus station is here to welcome you since you arrive from Suvarmbhumi airport or warm farewell to say you good bye and have safe flight home. We offer at least 7 flavors of ice cream,

Bello Dolce Night Market

Bello Dolce Night Market , Hua hin. are located in one of the busiest place in Hua Hin. Our small ice cream parlor are here to welcome you through food paradise of Thailand and great shopping area.

Food Panda, Hua Hin

Hungry but too lazy to come out! Bello Dolce is ready to serve through Food Panda, Hua Hin. Simply online and delviery to your home

restaurant in Hua Hin

Bello Dolce in Hua Hin Restaurant

Our Ice cream also supplies ice cream in a restaurant around Hua Hin.